Mindreader + Chat roulette. Really interesting video. Finally something to add to my jaw dropping tag. Been a while. 

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TV On The Radio - Nine Types of Light

This video is a visual re-imagining of the whole album “Nine Types of Light”.  If you have time I highly recommend watching this video. Really fascinating. 


This is nice.

i hate how everything we see has a negative spin. really like this video for the opposite, very positive. 

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How to Dress Well - I Wish (R. Kelly Cover)


Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day: The band Count was shooting a music video in L.A. recently when an old man named Daryl became quite taken with lead singer Gabbi McPhee — he proposed on the spot.

Gabbi declined his offer, but to soften the blow of rejection, she and her bandmates performed for him an acoustic cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Want To Dance With Somebody.”

Daryl was moved to tears. You will be, too.